First Week in Werne

This was my first week of student teaching and my first week in Werne too. The first day of student teaching was eye-opening. We followed Heike around to her different classes that she teaches at the Anne-Frank-Gymnasium (grades 5-12). We went to her 5th, 6th, and 9th grade classes, and it was very interesting. They start out each class by standing when she enters the room and they greet her by singing “Good morning madam.” The students are very respectful to her, and do not make a peep when she is talking. One similarity is that every 5th grade student at Anne-Frank-Gymnasium has an iPad, and every fifth grade student at the school I student taught at in Kentucky had a Chromebook. I enjoyed having simple conversations with the students the first day because I was able to get more experience working with ELL students, and they were able to practice their English.

Day 2 was different from day 1. I didn’t have any class scheduled to observe the first two periods, so a teacher came and asked if we wanted to observe her class during that time. We agreed, so I started out by observing an 11th grade German class. The teacher made the students speak in English as much as they could so we were able to understand. It was interesting to see that environment since I’m always in an elementary setting. After, I went to observe a 5th grade English class. The students practiced asking questions in English by asking me and one other student teacher about our lives. The rest of class was spent working on giving directions. The other student teacher and I went over common phrases to use when asking or giving directions in English. We used what we learned during student teaching in Kentucky, and applied it to the classroom in Germany. We first said the phrases, then they repeated the phrases after us, then we choral read the phrases, and then they said them independently. Using this technique worked really well with the class. We were done by 1:15, which is something new for me. I was different, but I really liked it!

Day 3 was so much fun! We went to the elementary school I will be student teaching at next week, Marienschule Herbern. The school puts on a circus show every 4 years as a project, and we got to watch their practice. The practice went really well, and all the kids did such a great job! After school, I went home with Taylor and her host dad and sister took us to Schloss Nordkirchen, a beautiful castle in the town of Nordkirchen. He then took us to a small family-owned café near the castle. The night ended with a delicious meal that my host mom made, and watching Dortmund beat Bayern Munich in the DFB Cup Semi-Final. That day a lot of fun!

Day 4 was spent working with 5th and 6th graders during their English classes. After school, I went with two other student teachers to Lünen, a town about 20 minutes away from Werne, and we went shopping in their city square for a couple hours.

Day 5 was my last day student teaching at Anne-Frank-Gymnasium. Next week I will be heading to the elementary school where I’ll be teaching 1st-4th graders (can’t wait!). I spent my last day with 6th and 7th graders. In 6th grade, we talked about the Roman Baths. They spent time researching the place by going onto Google Earth on their iPads and taking a virtual field trip (great idea that I want to use in my future classroom). In 7th grade, we talked about fictional texts. They read several fictional texts and answered questions about them on a worksheet. We went over the answers in class. It was a great last day at the school! Tonight we are celebrating Shelby’s (a WKU student teacher here in Germany with us) birthday at her host parents’ house. This weekend I am visiting the Netherlands and Cologne, Germany. I can’t wait to blog about those when I get back. I will also be writing another blog soon about the similarities and differences between German and American Schools! Tschüss!




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